OPENING GLAZED ROOF SOLUTIONS | Bi-Parting Slide Open Glazed Roof, Rooflight

Living Daylight Installations‬ - ‪Neighbour Envy‬ 👌🏼


Large Bi-Parting* Slide Open Rooflight, Glazed Roof for Natural Daylight & Ventilation.

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Opening Glazed Roofs‬, Opening Roofs, ‎Opening Glazed Roof Solutions, ‎Opening Glass Roofs, Opening Glazed Roofs, Slide Opening Glass Roofs, ‎BiParting Glazed Roof‬s for Natural Daylight‬ & ‎Ventilation‬


#‎LivingDaylightInstallations‬ - ‪#‎NeighbourEnvy‬


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Whatever your project - traditional, contemporary, conservation, commercial or domestic - our combination of innovative bespoke products, experienced design staff and dedicated engineering facilities add new and exciting dimensions for both traditional and contemporary design.


Bring natural daylight into the heart of your room with our beautifully designed, glazed roof products and brighten the spaces where you live, socialise and work.

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*The main styles are (A) 4 section, retracting the 2 central sections on to the 2 outer sections giving approx. 50% opening andworking within its own parameters ‐ these are usually either gable end or monopitch design (B) Where roof space allows, 2 sections which retract away from each other and park on running rails extending form the kerb giving full opening – these can be gable end, monopitch or hip end design.

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